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Our Team

We have a dedicated team of volunteers and it’s growing.  Keep visiting this page over the coming months to keep abreast of new volunteers and role changes.



Tell us something about yourself and the work you do with CoS
After retiring as a teacher, I was looking for an organisation which supported asylum seekers coming to England from different countries.  I had been involved in a similar scheme as a student.  I was very pleased to find the City of Sanctuary had such a programme.  It is a rewarding experience for all involved.  Read more …



Tell us about yourself and your work with CoS?
I am a retired nurse with a passion for languages.  I find the work with CoS very energising and rewarding. All the refugees and asylum seekers that I have met through my work with ESOL are smart, keen to learn and have a lot to offer.  My fellow volunteers are also a diverse and interesting group of people.  Read more …



What City of Sanctuary project(s) do you support?
I teach one ESOL lesson per week; I try to get involved in anything else when I can, e.g. helping a couple of people with pre-test driving practice and joining in with football practice when possible.  Read more …



How does the work you do and your project offer essential support for the asylum seeker and refugee community?
Our course supports language skills and helps learners to both integrate and have a better chance of achieving the life they want.  Our lessons also provide a friendly and supportive community for the learners.  Read more…



What is your role and when did you start volunteering?
I started to work with City of Sanctuary in January 2016 as an English teacher.  I was CoS ESOL coordinator for five years.  However, from September 2021, due to the success and growth of the charity, my role will change and I will be responsible for the pastoral care of our ASRs.  Read more



What do you enjoy most about your work with CoS?
ESOL teaching is new to me, only having worked a little with TEFL a long time ago, so the classes are a learning curve, but very rewarding.  I like getting to know the students and it’s very rewarding helping them to understand the English they are trying to grasp.  Read more …