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Our Partners

The City of Sanctuary Lancaster and Morecambe is made up of a number of individual volunteers as well as various organisations who support and facilitate our work, including:


RAIS Lancaster is a local charity who serve Asylum Seekers and Refugees through advocacy, information and support. This includes liaising with the Home Office and solicitors, contributing towards certain expenses from their welfare fund, helping with medical needs, supporting access to clothing and toiletries, and signposting to further support from partner charities and other agencies.

They can be contacted on [email protected] 07731552259


Global Link is a Development Education Centre (DEC) based in Lancaster, UK.  It runs workshops, exhibitions, training and other events in schools, colleges and the wider community on global citizenship issues such as diversity, human rights, migration, fairtrade, climate change and sustainable development.


East Meets West a group that runs drop-in sessions for refugee women and pre-school children.


Lancaster Churches Together in Lancaster believes it’s important to do things together, so we workpray and organise events to share our faith and serve our city. Christians in Lancaster both serve and work alongside their communities in many different ways. Take a look at the local initiatives and find out how you or someone you know might find support -or how to get involved!


Lancaster Quakers help us with the resources we need to host some of our events, which includes rooms for teaching English classes and other events, which we value tremendously.


Lancaster and Morecambe College firmly believe that providing accessible education to young people and adults is more important than ever.


St Thomas Church provide a coordinated response from within St Thomas in relation to supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees (AS&R) in the Lancaster and Morecambe district. It works alongside the main groups that interact with asylum seekers in Lancaster and Morecambe District .


The Tara Centre is a not-for-profit healing sanctuary in the heart of Lancaster. We are a community of local people who work together to support each other through life’s twists and turns and welcome you with open arms.


The Sewing Circle in Lancaster promotes wellbeing and advocates sustainability through skill-sharing with people across the community.


Red Rose Refugees work with the Students Union, local NGOs, and students to provide opportunities to asylum seekers and refugees.


CVS Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Solutions (LDCVS) provides guidance, co-ordination, representation and development support to the voluntary community faith and social enterprise sector.  Its core work supports collaboration through partnership. It helps organisations that support people and their communities in these target areas that are likely to experience other barriers, directly or indirectly.


Claver Hill Community Garden part of Claver Hill Farm is a 6 acre field off Ridge Lane in Lancaster dedicated to allowing local people the opportunity to learn how to grow their own food. The land is to be held in trust for the community.


Global Village Cafe started in 2018 as a social enterprise with the intention of giving refugees meaningful training and development opportunities, and the potential for employment, as well as improving cultural understanding and relations within the local community.


Main photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash