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Getting Involved

English Lessons

As we have had many new arrivals lately we’re looking for more ESOL/TEFL trained teachers to assist as well as for volunteers to help looking after toddlers while their Mums attend English classes. We’re also offering one-to-one support for Mums who find it hard to get to classes or learners with special needs. We welcome financial support to fund stationery or dictionaries.

For more information or offers of support please get in touch with Dorothea: [email protected]



We welcome local people to come along on a one-off or regular basis to
social events or to Global Link’s drop-in at the YMCA 12-2pm every Tuesday to simply offer friendship and support to local refugees – this can make such a positive difference to the lives of people who have been through very difficult times. Email Gisela Reynolds for more information. We appreciate offers of help to prepare food, wash up or clear up on a one-off or regular basis.

If you have an event or activity you think asylum seekers would be interested in, i.e. sport, music, food, walks, etc., then please text the details to 07825222476 (this is our ‘social news phone’ and your event will then be forwarded on to all local asylum seekers). You can also email City of Sanctuary if you would like to discuss your event.



We are always looking for Arabic, Kurdish Sorani and Farsi speakers. Please email City of Sanctuary who will then be able to help identify how you can be most helpful.


Bicycles and cycling equipment

Equipment such as locks, bicycle pumps, lights and helmets are extremely useful as travel costs often stop asylum seekers and refugees accessing activities. If you would like to BORROW a bike, or DONATE a bike, or HELP FIX bikes, please contact Sue Holden: [email protected] or 07490 459265.


Household equipment, furniture and utensils

We currently do not need any household donations as asylum seekers are placed in houses that have everything they need provided. However, as individuals are given leave to remain they then find themselves needing to build a whole new life. As and when this happens we will put a call out for such donations through our facebook page.



We support men, women and families with children and would welcome: all sizes of warm winter coats and waterproof jackets. Also any walking boots or sports equipment are much appreciated!  We are working very closely with East Meets West.



Global Link deliver a fantastic drop in every Tuesday afternoon. Each week they provide a warm, traditional meal for anyone who attends. They would therefore welcome fresh or frozen food, tinned tomatoes, oil, dried pulses and spices. Email Gisela Reynolds to arrange.



Do you have skills and experience in writing funding bids or organising fundraising events and activities? We welcome assistance on a one-off or regular basis. To volunteer please email us at City of Sanctuary.



Photo by Margarida Afonso on Unsplash