Lancaster & Morecambe City of Sanctuary AGM

When:  Friday 6th December 2019, 7:00pm
Where: Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane,  Lancaster, LA1 1TX
Free – everyone is welcome!

Now accepting nominations for Trustees.

If you would like to take up a Leadership role in your community and develop your career, a position as Trustee is invaluable.
We hope that some of you will think seriously about becoming a Trustee of the City of Sanctuary. We need more Trustees to share in this really rewarding work. Being a Trustee of the City of Sanctuary is not as difficult as being a Trustee for some other charities because we have no employees or property to be responsible for. Our job is to collect funds and then dispense them according to our Charity Commission purpose, which is to relieve destitution among Asylum Seekers and Refugees. We also try to keep open communications between the many and various groups which support Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
Please get in touch before 4th December if you would like a nomination form – or for more information: [email protected]

Rethink Rebuild Society and the Children’s War Museum presented an exhibition of art work from Idlib at The Storey Gallery in Lancaster in October 2019. 

The Syrian Apple: An Art Exhibition by Amany Al-ali from Idlib, Syria.

‘The Syrian Apple’ reflects the feelings and experiences many Syrians of the journey and the fate of what was once their green revolution.


Registered charity number:  1181282