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Bikes for Morecambe!

The increased number of people seeking asylum living locally has brought a range of challenges, including how to help the guys there to move around.  Our initial response at the bike project was that it can’t be done: we don’t have the capacity to provide and maintain 100+ more bikes, and there’s nowhere for asylum seekers to store them.  Fortunately for guys living in Morecambe some new energy turned up, in the shape of Pete Moser, who lives nearby.  In collaboration with local Luke Whittaker, who is employed by Serco, they have taken on the task of managing a pool of bikes for residents to borrow.  This isn’t as good as individuals having their own bikes, but it’s a lot better than no one having any bikes!  They have created a storage area, taken some tools and spares from the Lancaster workshop, and gathered around ten bikes (many of which already need repair!).   Sadly there’s no solution as yet for individuals living in Lancaster and there is always plenty of demand for bikes! If you have a bike to donate, you can email us on [email protected]