A warm welcome in this wet weather

Yesterday we met some of the new arrivals for the first time and were able to officially welcome them to our city after the weather had welcomed them with a weekend of floods and power cuts during storm Desmond. We provided donations of warm clothes, food, pots and pans, toiletries, maps and plenty of candles!

It was an incredibly heart-warming experience and hopefully the start of a welcoming and supportive journey for them in Lancaster.

Today a group of us took our new arrivals round town, showing them, the market, Mosque, pound shops, Ali’s shop on Blade Street, African shop and post office. We signed them up at the library, and had tea, coffee and biscuits at the Friend’s Meeting House.

We also had a fantastic meeting with East Meets West who have kindly volunteered to provide various much-needed support for new families. The amount of good-will in this city seems limitless!